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Rádio IRCBrasil - André Marcelo andre at ircbrasil.com.br
Mon Aug 30 06:31:03 UTC 2004

Hi everyone,

some time ago, i has testing icecast, streaming in ogg, and i found fantastic the quality at 32 kbps.

I have a web radio in Brasil, and today i am using the shoutcast. I has loved icecast, but today i can´t use it. i explain:

I have djs in every part of Brasil... when one of then disconnect from the server, other connect. I has tried do this in icecast, but, when the dj disconnect, all my listeners  are disconnect from the server. Well, i have more then 15 changes of djs per day in my radio.

My sugestion... Do a AutoDumpUsers option, as in the shoutcast. see how it is in the conf file of shoutcast:


; AutoDumpUsers controls whether listeners are disconnected if the source        
; stream disconnects. The default is 0.

; AutoDumpSourceTime specifies how long, in seconds, the source stream is
; allowed to be idle before the server disconnects it. 0 will let the source
; stream idle indefinately before disconnecting. The default is 30.            

Well, i dont know if it is too hard to do, but if u could do it, i would change from shoutcast to icecast at the same time.


André Marcelo
Internet Rádio Chat Brasil
Fone: 61 341 3305 - cel: 61 9628 6588
msn: andre at ircbrasil.com.br 

ps: sorry my very bad english... i hope everybody has understanding.
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