[icecast] Using liveice-xmms with icecast

EvilOverlord eviloverlord at kucs.net
Sun Apr 25 05:39:25 UTC 2004

Nori Heikkinen wrote:

> on Sun, 25 Apr 2004 11:06:30AM +1000, Geoff Shang insinuated:
>>On Sat, 24 Apr 2004, Nori Heikkinen wrote:
>>>on Sun, 25 Apr 2004 04:31:31AM +1000, Geoff Shang insinuated:
>>>>If you want to use XMMS,
>>>i don't have my heart set on it.  really, i'm new to this whole
>>>thing, and a friend suggested liveice-xmms because i already have
>>>xmms installed, so i decided to try it out.  but i'm open to
>>>anything.  what would your recommendation be?
>>What do you want to do?
>>1.  Which format do you want to stream, Ogg Vorbis or mp3?
> both, if possible.  the deal in that the person receiving it can't
> read ogg, so ideally i'd have something like liveice, that lets me put
> whatever kind of audio i want into the stream, but lets me stream it
> as mp3 so she can read it.
>>2.  Do you just want to stream a playlist in a static fashion or
>>have it do stuff like crossfade, etc?  Or do some live talking as
> just a static playlist will do.
> thanks!
> </nori>

For live ogg there is IceS v2.0 : http://icecast.org/ices.php
For live mp3 there are a choice of two:
LiveIce : http://liveice.kucs.net/
DarkIce : http://darkice.sourceforge.net/

For streaming from static mp3 files IceS v0.3
For static ogg files IceS v2.0

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