[icecast] Using liveice-xmms with icecast

Nori Heikkinen nori+lists-icecast at maenad.net
Sun Apr 25 01:45:20 UTC 2004

on Sun, 25 Apr 2004 11:06:30AM +1000, Geoff Shang insinuated:
> On Sat, 24 Apr 2004, Nori Heikkinen wrote:
> > on Sun, 25 Apr 2004 04:31:31AM +1000, Geoff Shang insinuated:
> > > If you want to use XMMS,
> >
> > i don't have my heart set on it.  really, i'm new to this whole
> > thing, and a friend suggested liveice-xmms because i already have
> > xmms installed, so i decided to try it out.  but i'm open to
> > anything.  what would your recommendation be?
> What do you want to do?
> 1.  Which format do you want to stream, Ogg Vorbis or mp3?

both, if possible.  the deal in that the person receiving it can't
read ogg, so ideally i'd have something like liveice, that lets me put
whatever kind of audio i want into the stream, but lets me stream it
as mp3 so she can read it.

> 2.  Do you just want to stream a playlist in a static fashion or
> have it do stuff like crossfade, etc?  Or do some live talking as
> wel?

just a static playlist will do.



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