[icecast] MuSE 0.9 codename "COTURNIX" - out now with new major features!

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Thu Apr 22 13:23:38 UTC 2004

At 01:30 PM 4/17/2004, you wrote:
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>re all!
>about the running question (as i read on the http://icecast.org website
>in the 3rd party software section) if MuSE is working with icecast2,
>here is the answer: it definitely does :)
>the problem was fixed a couple of months ago in the CVS code, now we
>have a new stable release which will get hopefully soon properly
>packaged and included into distributions.
>BIG UP to the Icecast team for the great work they did on the 2nd
>version of it. MuSE fully supports the Ogg/Vorbis protocol, also
>streaming at the same time than Mp3, also with multiple encoding at
>different bitrates, and even more!
>Commandline, easy2use drag&drop GTK-2 and Ncurses interfaces are
>provided! well, i'd better leave you now to the release announcement, in
>case you are interested.
this is great news...Muse is a much welcomed addition to the "third-party 
source clients that supports icecast2" list...congratulations and great work.


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