[icecast] Legal issues

Bryan Payne speedwolf at door.net
Wed Apr 21 21:25:17 UTC 2004

The license for MP3/mp3PRO useage is not quit as you think - first the
webcasters must meet certain base requirements -

      Note: No license is needed for private, non-commercial activities
(e.g., home-entertainment, receiving broadcasts and creating a personal
music library), not generating revenue or other consideration of any kind or
for entities with an annual gross revenue less than US$ 100 000.00.

      So unless your broadcast is one that is generating revenues of at
least $100,000 - you as a webcaster pay nothing. In fact the only ones that
currently pay anything for MP3 licesning are the developers of
encoders/decoders that use the format. We pay a fee for each of our encoders
and decoders we develop.

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      Spacial Audio Solutions

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<p>> On Wed, Apr 21, 2004 at 10:52:38PM +0200, Jack Moffitt wrote:
> > > Does it matter if the stream is mp3 or ogg?
> >
> > No.  It could be WAV, FLAC, or some 2-bit per sample mono format where
> > the music is unrecognizable.  You'd still have to pay the royalties.
> It DOES matter if it's mp3. You have to pay the publisher royalties
> regardless, but in addition, there's a 2% royalty for webcasting in the
> mp3 format, with a $2000 annual minnumum.
> See http://mp3licensing.com/royalty/emd.html for the official info.
> Ogg Vorbis, wav, and flac are free by design and do not require this
> additional royalty.
> HTH,
>  -r
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