[icecast] Update ezstream playlist 'on the fly'

Jappe Reuling jappe at lowlife.org
Wed Apr 21 11:32:22 UTC 2004


I'm using ezstream to stream a list of mp3 files to my icecast2 server 
which works great. I'm using a m3u playlist file which ezstream reads 
when it starts and rereads when it loops. The problem is that this 
playlist is quite long and I would like to be able to inject a song 
last minute some where in the playlist. I have two options at the 
moment to do this:

- restart ezstream
- wait until the playlist loops

Both are not realy an option in a real life situation. I've tried to 
HUP ezstream with a 'kill -HUP [pid]' but that just terminates 

Does anybody know how to alter the playlist on the fly and with 
immediat effect? Or is there an other utility (for unix) which can 
stream mp3 files from disk and does support this feature?

thanks for any help



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