[icecast] Questions

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Sun Apr 11 13:51:02 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-04-11 at 13:33, Joern Nettingsmeier wrote:
> at least i found that the -kh version of icecast2 
> (http://xiph.org/~karl) have a config option to include theora and 
> speex. not sure whether its functional already, though.
> the NEWS file of icecast-2.0-kh31 says
> "initial implementation of multiple Ogg codec streaming, theora, 
> vorbis and speex. more work needed to start at theora key frame."

The icecast will detect any combination of vorbis, speex and theora
codecs (provided they have been found at build time) and filter any that
it doesn't recognise. The likes of mplayer or xine should do playback

> there is however no mention of speex in ices2 yet, so you probably 
> lack a source client atm.

Thats pretty much correct, I haven't done the speex detection in my
libshout mods so no timing occurs although it can send it, so ezstream
using the modified libshout should be able to send any combination of
the ogg codecs but only theora and vorbis will be timed.   ices does
have different timing requirement due to the fact that multiple shout
connections can be done.

> karl, any chance of an alpha release of ices/icecast with speex 
> support in the next two weeks? (hint: huuge testbed :-D)

not in ices (well not in 2 weeks!), there's a lot that is vorbis
specific, I can look into adding the timing bits into libshout for speex
but that would mean streaming static files only.

icecast should be ok for speex.


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