[icecast] darkice question

Geoff Shang gshang at pacific.net.au
Sat Apr 3 17:02:36 UTC 2004

On Sat, 3 Apr 2004, dave wrote:

> i am looking for a streamer that goes with icecast2, can
> handle both mp3 and ogg, can take input from either a playlist or a sound
> card, and can do on-the-fly encoding. From what i've read i don't believe
> ices-02 does this.

No it doesn't, and short of using XMMS with oddcast, there's no single
program I know of that can do all this.

Ices 0.3 can take ogg and MP3 as input, but only has MP3 output and can't
do live input.

Ices2 can do ogg output, but only ogg output and only ogg input from
playlists, though it can take raw PCM via stdin so you could use an
external decoder.  It also takes line input.  This is probably the closest
to what you want that I can think of, from the command line.  If you need
both an ogg and MP3 stream, you could use streamtranscoder from oddsock.org
to transcode the resulting ogg stream and resend it as MP3.

If you wanted specifically commandline based, you could go the entirely
soundcard route and have everything come in from the card and get some
other app or apps to play the sound files from your playlist.  NOte that
this requires a soundcard that can record its own output, and yes it will
tie it up.  The other thing you could do is go entirely PCM via stdin and
have a program that will handle the playlist, including calls for live
input, and get an appropriate player to play the particular file and send
the raw output down the one pipe to ices2.


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