[icecast] Live stuff -- voice to music to voice etc. ?

Rob F kikuchiyo at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 25 21:46:53 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I have the Icecast2 server running perfectly and the iceS streamer 
feeding it either /dev/dsp or a playlist of ogg files, depending on 
which config I run iceS with (I have three config files:  one for live, 
one for music, and one default (current)).  I'm using Slackware w/the 
2.4.22 kernel.

The problem I'm having is perhaps theoretical:  how can I talk a little, 
play some tunes, then talk some more?  I can do one or the other 
perfectly, but not both.

I've been using shoutcast for a couple days and I wrote a simple Perl 
interface so I could do this sort of thing, but the timing with 
shoutcast is so far off that it's impossible to sync things (hence my 
switch to Icecast2/iceS which seem amazing in comparison :).

I've tried overwriting my config file on the fly and sending SIGHUPs and 
SIGUSR1s, but these don't seem to do anything desireable. 

Has anyone done this sort of thing successfully?



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