[icecast] automating icecast2 startups

Mr. Stauf stauf at freshcheese.net
Wed Sep 24 19:13:03 PDT 2003

Hey Kerry,
I have the icecast -c working in my rc.local.  Just a thought though, since
I do not have ices running after it, could it be timing? (I.e. do you need
to sleep for a second or two to let icecast fully load up to be connected
to?).  *Shrug* Thanks for the document project.  I have just recently
gone to relaying my streams/using .pls generation from the existance of
a .m3u file on the  server.  Good to see you still busy. =)
Keep up the good work,

On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 12:57:23PM -0600, Kerry Cox wrote:
> I have icecast2 running on several machines now and have gotten relaying
> to work just fine. I've posted my instructions on how to do this to my
> icecast docs site.
> I have just a few more questions. Perhaps some one on this list has
> already addressed these issues but has simply not posted these
> elsewhere.
> 1) I'm looking for a startup script for launching the icecast2 icecast 
> ices binaries upon startup. I tried a couple different methods yet none
> seem to work. I need to launch the following two binaries:
>   # icecast -c /usr/local/icecast2/conf/icecast.xml &
>   # ices /usr/local/icecast2/conf/ices.stream.xml &
> I placed these in a startup script and had rc.local fire them up. It
> never really worked. Any ideas?
> 2) I am using the CVS icecast, libshout and ices versions with much
> success. I am told that IceS-0.3 will also stream out MP3 data along
> with Ogg Vorbis. I am currently streaming Ogg Vorbis with much success.
> Any way to set up multiple streams, one for MP3 and one for Ogg?
> Examples, syntax?
> 3) I'd like to configure a high and low bandwidth config so users can
> connect on the mount point they prefer. I've tried some different
> examples based on previous posts, yet this does not seem to work. I am
> probably being dense. Any working examples available.
> Once I get these items working I will be sure to document them as I
> hafve the relaying issue in my docs for all to use and share. 
> http://quasi.ksl.com/icecast/
> Thanks much.
> KJ

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