[icecast] automating icecast2 startups

Kerry Cox kerry.cox at ksl.com
Wed Sep 24 11:57:23 PDT 2003

I have icecast2 running on several machines now and have gotten relaying
to work just fine. I've posted my instructions on how to do this to my
icecast docs site.
I have just a few more questions. Perhaps some one on this list has
already addressed these issues but has simply not posted these

1) I'm looking for a startup script for launching the icecast2 icecast 
ices binaries upon startup. I tried a couple different methods yet none
seem to work. I need to launch the following two binaries:
  # icecast -c /usr/local/icecast2/conf/icecast.xml &
  # ices /usr/local/icecast2/conf/ices.stream.xml &
I placed these in a startup script and had rc.local fire them up. It
never really worked. Any ideas?
2) I am using the CVS icecast, libshout and ices versions with much
success. I am told that IceS-0.3 will also stream out MP3 data along
with Ogg Vorbis. I am currently streaming Ogg Vorbis with much success.
Any way to set up multiple streams, one for MP3 and one for Ogg?
Examples, syntax?
3) I'd like to configure a high and low bandwidth config so users can
connect on the mount point they prefer. I've tried some different
examples based on previous posts, yet this does not seem to work. I am
probably being dense. Any working examples available.

Once I get these items working I will be sure to document them as I
hafve the relaying issue in my docs for all to use and share. 
Thanks much.

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