[icecast] example config for icecast2 relaying

Kerry Cox kerry.cox at ksl.com
Mon Sep 22 14:31:42 PDT 2003

Is anyone doing pull relaying under icecast2? I think I've got my
configuration file more or less correct but I wanted to check it against
someone else's working config. Would anyone be willing to post an
example here?
I have a machine labelled X in a local DMZ where audio is being fed in
directly. I am encoding this audio and then streaming it out. I have a
machine labelled Y that sits at a hosting facility that I want to use
for all my listening users. Box Y pulls the relay feed directly off X
and in turn pushes out a nice Ogg Vorbis feed for people to connect to.
Both X and Y are configured almost exactly alike.
What would be the best way to configure Y to pull down the live feed
from X? Is there anything on X that needs to be modified? 
I have pretty much confirmed that the firewalls at both locations are
allowing in and out ports 8000 and 8001.

Kerry Cox <kerry.cox at ksl.com>
KSL Radio and Television

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