[icecast] One more question of possible note.

Mr. Stauf stauf at freshcheese.net
Sat Sep 6 03:22:07 PDT 2003

Hello again all.
I want to thank Karl H. for pointing me to xiph.org/~karl and getting me 
some save files winamp likes the first time.  That ucler is at an end.
The next ucler involves two rather quick questions:
I >  In icecast1, when a user attempted to connect to the server, didn't it
just kick them to the "default stream", where the default stream was the only
stream being streamed to the server?  Does icecast2 have that functionality?
II> When relaying a stream, the icecast.xml states you have to know prehand
what that stream's mount point is going to be.  The reason being is because
it uses a GET to grab the stream.  Is there a simple way to relay from a machine
based on the first questions "only playing stream" idea?
*I have some horribly kludgy ideas on how to do such things with kill -hups
and crontab and "does this .m3u file exist" conditionals, but I'm hoping I am
missing something in the .xml config itself.*
Keep up the good work gentlemen.
--- >8 ----
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