[icecast] A quesetion regarding ices2.

Mr. Stauf stauf at freshcheese.net
Wed Sep 3 18:12:42 PDT 2003

Hello everyone!
Thank you for all the improvements in the icecast server and different clients.
After playing with some php, I am back to were I need to be.  But I have one
odd little problem.
I am using ices-2.0-beta2-20030827 and when I use the option to save the file
to the local harddrive to later allow users to download it, I have an odd 
XMMS can listen to the file just fine.  Which is odd because my problems are
usually in just the opposite direction.
When someone downloads the ogg generated by ices2 and tries to play it on 
winamp 2.91 (Could be all win amps, I have foreced everyone to upgrade that lisetens... ;), it says the name of the file, but WILL not play it.  The only
way I can get the file to be playable to everyone and their cat is to use
ogg123 -d wav and then use oggenc to re-enocde the file.  And then file is
great and everyone can listen to the file.  But this degrades the quality
of the file somewhat and only adds to my list of things to do. :1
So I am most likely missing something somewhere that is probably a simple tag.  If anyone would like my .xml file for my show, I will send it to you.
Also, remember liveice and that neat little ### composed volume level that it
showed when you were broadcasting?  What header or library do I need to read from to do the same thing?
Again, I am grateful for all the work everyone puts into the xiph projects,
and I hope everyone who is involved realizes that.
"SCO is (Verb) to (verb) linux. (Colorful verb) SCO."
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