[icecast] ices2 not compiling on OpenBSD 3.3

gtgbr at gmx.net gtgbr at gmx.net
Wed Oct 29 20:45:36 UTC 2003

Mitja Pirih wrote:
> Hmm, I would need that for live streaming. How about ices 0.3?

Ices0 is for streaming MP3, not Vorbis. It's also different in other
ways - I haven't tried that myself, yet, but afaik ices0 can stream
stuff that it gets through stdin. You might be able to puzzle something
together that works.

About your configuration problem ... maybe someone who actually uses it
can help you there. ;P What I noticed is that you picked the mountpoint
/cap2.ogg ... that's no good, the stream will be MP3 (although ices0 can
read .ogg files and re-encode them to MP3). Just like with a Vorbis
stream that doesn't have the .ogg suffix, you will probably confuse
players with that.

Another theory is that you overlooked something that makes ices0 think
that it's supposed to play a playlist. <module>oss</module> won't get
you far either, unless you h4x0r ices0 so it links against libossaudio
(#include <soundcard.h> where necessary and link with -lossaudio) and
try OSS emulation. See ossaudio(3) for a few hints about its

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