[icecast] Icecast Shoutcast Darwin Oddcast Questions

Roy Harvey roy at lamrim.com
Sat Oct 18 17:14:54 UTC 2003

Dear Mr. 'Sock --

First let me say "Major Thanks!!!" for your work in developing the Oddcast 
plugin.  I'm putting it to great use and will send you an article that I 
recently published regarding my usage of the software...

I have a couple of questions I'm wondering if you can help me with...

(1) Is there a version (any version) of a streaming source feed for Linux 
that behaves correctly with the Shoutcast directories (yp.shoutcast.com) 
beyond SC_TRANS from Nullsoft?  I'm running Oddcast/Winamp3 into a Linux 
version of the Shoutcast Server but it doesn't seem to recognize the 
metadata correctly.  Ices2?

(2) As mentioned above, SC_TRANS seems to be the only viable 
Shoutcast-friendly streaming system.  Problem is, it seems to only like 
44100-based streams, which is problem when all my source materials are 
16kbps/11025khz.  Any work-around for this?  SC_TRANS doesn't seem to have 
any support for relays from my understanding...

(3) I'm currently evaluating a Darwin from Apple as a (*gasp*) alternative 
to Icecast/Icecast2.  The primary reasons are video support, strong iTunes 
support, and very nice admin GUI/docs for the non-technical among use.  I'm 
able use Shoutcast as a relay for this system, but again, I've been unable 
to make the Shoutcast directories recognize the stream.  Ideally, I have 
one streaming source (in this case Darwin) and multiple relay servers that 
push the data into the various services and directories.

Thanks again for all your help.

Lam Rim Radio
Tibetan Buddhist Internet Radio
Over 500,000 hours served since 1999

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