[icecast] Re: [icecast-dev] Hot Topic: Icecast in Macromedia Flash

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Sat Nov 29 10:19:53 UTC 2003


<p>I moved this to icecast@, since none of these are icecast development
related questions and issues.

Macsym wrote:
> I didn't know so many people in the Icecast-Dev list were running Linux PPC!

Oh well, I'm neither a developer nor running Linux PPC. ;)

> Anyway, I understand that you guys don't have the time to help me with that
> because you wouldn't be able to run the flash player anyway! Because of
> that, I think I will send the topic to the regular Icecast mailing list
> (where I might find more people running Linux, Mac OS or Windows).

I have some Windows boxes around where I have Flashplayer installed.
However, since I'm switching OSes faster than my socks (I am
multi-booting), and I am not *allowed* to install/use Flash on the other
most important OS (OpenBSD, even though it would work), I am avoiding
flashy sites as good as possible. I can't say I find Flash's
discriminating license or its habit of eating CPU cycles and RAM
appealing at all.

Actually, I believe your Flash-based streaming client is only good to
obfuscate the real address of the streaming server, to keep people from
easily dumping the stream to disk or just play it in their favorite

> There are still some kinds of information I can only get from the dev list:
> -Does anybody know where I can find a document that explains the changes in
> the core architecture between Icecast1 and Icecast2 (Flash was working with
> Icecast1)?

Hey, I can answer that! :)

Everything is different, Icecast 2 is a re-write.

> -Does Icecast need to receive some kinds of headers from the player before
> sending the stream? If yes, what are these headers?

Nothing special that I know of - it's plain HTTP, and clients only need
to send a simple GET request to start listening to a stream. Others may
slap me now for spreading false information, however, I'm pretty sure
I'm close to the mark.

> -Can somebody translate me this access log line:
> - - [27/Nov/2003:04:42:58 Romance Standard Time] "GET /mystream
> HTTP/1.1" 200 328981 "(null)" "-" 13712464

200 is the return code the server replied. 200 means "OK", iirc. The
other number is the amount of bytes transferred, (null) is what the
server got from the client as the referer (it should be "-" for "no
referer") and "-" is a place holder for the user-agent, which the client
should've sent. However, I do not know what the final number is supposed
to mean ... I don't know it from Apache, and my icecast access.log
usually has that one as a zero, but not always.

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