[icecast] Icecast2 Beta 1 hijacks CPU

V Mahabir newmannium at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 28 00:36:15 UTC 2003

Detailied instructions.... Not a very simple task I'm afraid. I'll try 

For starters I've only compiled libogg (CVS snapshots), libvorbis (CVS 
snapshots) and icecast beta 1 (from icecast.org's Download page). I didn't 
bother with ices, libshout, etc. since I use Winamp icw Oddcast to provide 
the source for icecast.

All compiled using:

./configure --prefix=/path/to/home (and ofcourse LD_LIBRARY_PATh set to 
- make; make install

Ran icecast using:
/home/user/Appz/faziel/bin/icecast -c /home/user/Appz/faziel/etc/icecast.xml 

Kept the .xml pretty standard. Only changed:

- <source-password>
- <admin-password>
- <hostname> (changed that to fixed external IP)
- <mount-name>
- <fallback-mount>
- <loglevel> (changed to 1->error)

I left the portsettings unchanged (8000).

On my MS box I fired up Winamp and its Oddcast plugin. Plugin always 
connects just fine and instantly.

Now users could connect using:


or through a Java appet:


(you can try - they should work)

Listeners can change the playlist through another Winamp plugin:


I use icecast's webserver functionality too (e.g. for the Java applet and 
for some .jpg hosting). Not sure if this is still considered kinda buggy and 
might increase chances of icecast crashing. In that case I'll just use 
apache from then on.

While icecast is running I check back regularly using:
netstat -an | grep :8000 | grep -v myMSbox'sIP

During the day the number of listeners averages at 4.

I also have a second Winamp running at all times which stays connected to 
the stream as long it's up. So the first thing I do when I wakeup is turn on 
my speakers to see if the stream's alive or not.

Often it's not ;/

In those cases running top shows 9 out of 10 times icecast taking up 
50-60-70% CPU. If it only would still function I'd be happy with that :P.

Yesterday I decided to get the sources from CVS (ogg, vorbis and icecast 

Compiled using:

.sh autogen.sh --prefix=/path/to/home (and ofcourse LD_LIBRARY_PATh set to 
- make; make install

During the day (I was at work) I could see people connected to it, including 
myself at home (MSbox with Winamp + Oddcast) and my box at work. Music 
playing without a hitch.

I just turned on my speakers and once again nothing.
Running top showed icecast and it's threads but *no* CPU usage though.
Running netstat -lnp showed port 8000 as listening port but no process name 
next to it.
Meanwhile, the Oddcast plugin was in a "Connected" "Disconnected" loop. 
Usually when icecast isn't running at all Oddcast just reports "Unable to 
connect to socket".

I had to killall -9 icecast. Normal kill wouldn't work. After restarting 
icecast (I now run the non-CVS version again) netstat -lnp did show icecast 
as the listening process on 8000.

Next time I'll set loglevel to debug again. I've listeners now and I'm not 
sure if icecast can sustain a kill -HUP ;-)

Sorry if my story seems incoherent but I'm pretty beat by now. I'm turning 
in then. G'night :-)

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