[icecast] Multiple Ogg Streams

Lukas Österreicher lukas.oesterreicher at inode.at
Sat Nov 22 22:21:19 UTC 2003

>> [2003-11-22  01:30:25] INFO ices-core/main ices started...
>> [2003-11-22  01:30:25] INFO stream/ices_instance_stream Connected to server: localhost:8000/low.ogg
>> [2003-11-22  01:30:25] EROR stream/ices_instance_stream Failed initial connect to localhost:8000 (Login failed: Success)
>Thats saying that the connection to icecast couldn't even be made
>(ignore the success message), you'll have to check against the icecast
>log but it could be password mismatch or max source limit.

What a dumb error.
I set the maximum number of sources to 2 and tried to give it three.
After updating the configuration file it worked.

Do you have an idea if there is a good way to compensate for dropped streams?
If my original source stream drops there is an error and ices will stop (and configuring
looping wont help here). One way is to loop the invoking of ices so it will try over
and over, but then the stream is interrupted towards icecast.
Is there a way to configure curl to try again and make it seem as if the
stream never dropped?

Also, can you explain how icecast 2 stream relays are set up and work?

I've also heared there's a way to configure icecast to stream some standard
file if it gets no stream to broadcast. Is this correct? If so, how to do that?

You have been tranmendous help already,
thank you very much!


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