[icecast] multiple inputs from one soundcard.

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Tue Nov 18 08:07:49 UTC 2003

> Hi!
> i beg your pardon if this is not the right forum.
> Please point me in the right direction if not.
> I'm trying to stream multiple different voice streams from line in, cd
> in, aux in, and mic in, with a single sound card simultaneously.
> I need to broadcast at least 8 sound signals with two soundcards, maybe
> four.
> I don't know how to tell ices where to get their input, nor if
> this is possible.
> Is there any way to feed these to four mounts in ices to the encoders
> with just one sound card?
> I'm working on Debian linux, with Oss.
> I can switch to FreeBSD, or what ever, with alsa, if necesary.
> Thanks a lot.

Can't be done!

The sound card has one ADC (Analog to digital converter) than handles 2

The CD, Aux, Modem, Line, Mic, etc inputs are all mixed and fed to those 2

And unfortunately Lame can't break left and right into separate channels.

Here was my solution (we currently run 13 streams, I was shooting for 22
but put things on hold for a while):


Its a FreeBSD system with a PICMG backplane board. Had it seeing 11 cards
but it gets mega unstable at 7.

It would rock if there was a way to use one of the pro audio boards that
does 8 or 16 inputs, but FreeBSD would have to support breaking it out
into 16 DSP devices.

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