[icecast] mp3 stream relay without reen-/transcoding (SLIMP3)

Tue Nov 4 20:09:34 UTC 2003

I have a problem that I hope perhaps someone could help me with.

I want to relay an mp3 stream (bitrate switching, metadata containing) from
an url like and serve it to multiple
listeners (Winamp clients) using Win32 environment for the relay machine. 

The original stream is being served by the (free!) SLIMP3 Server software
(http://www.slimdevices.com/pi_features.html). The stream consists of a
sequence of mp3 files being served without any reencoding, hence the bitrate
changes, and is (I guess) laced with song title metadata (32768 bytes
interval). The orginal stream plays excellently in Winamp.
In case this could be important - changing the stream 'filename'
(stream.mp3) does not seem to be an option, but the streaming port can be
changed freely.

I can *almost* get the result I want with Shoutcast, but this has my relay
machine running a Winamp client reencoding the stream and pushing it to the
shoutcast server. Thereby spending valuable CPU power on reencoding, not to
mention the lossy-to-lossy quality hit.

I am very grateful for help with my little problem. Even after spending
quite some time on the forums (and in the documentation too) of the
Shoutcast, Icecast and Oddsock web sites I haven't really found a good way
to solve it. I can't really accept that it would be an uncommon scenario -
wanting to relay an mp3 stream without 'doing anything' to it but still
having a bit of control over the serving.

I've used Shoutcast in *nix and Win32 enironments for many years, but I'm
new to the workings of Icecast and it's related tools.


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