[icecast] no mp3s with ices2!? an other way?

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Sat May 31 01:17:57 PDT 2003

You "should" be able to use mp3s with ices. But not with ices2-2.x. 
You have to grab ices-0.2.3 from the snapshots. The earlier versions 
of ices-0.2.3 containted mp3-support but were not capable of 
streaming to an icecast2-server (only icecast). The current builds 
support both features.

But from testing myself and from the list I recall there have been 
some problems: Ices connected fine, said it is playing mp3-audio - 
but you can't hear anything when you listen to the stream. Did 
anybody resolve the problem already? It would be really nice to get 
this feature working

Or how about adding mp3-support again to ices-2.x? Some people voted 
against that - but why?

<p>Best wishes

On 31 May 2003 at 1:27, Paul wrote:

> Oh...
> thats new for me...
> how can i use my mp3s with ices2?
> can i use with device input module or stdin input module?
> do i play the files to /dev/dsp and ices catch this?
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