[icecast] mp3 support and compatibility

Adon Irani adon at yorku.ca
Wed May 21 22:20:01 PDT 2003

> StreamTranscoder has just been updated yesterday with a whole lot of
> fixes....I have also moved the code from sourceforge to my own CVS...
> changed all the sourceforge links to hopefully alleviate some of the
> confusion, but for the record, the latest can always be found here ->
> http://www.oddsock.org/tools/streamTranscoder.

i have been able to successfully transc0de the ogg stream to mp3 (
sending/receiving from icecast2 ) . i'm using the hiquality stream (ogg
vbr quality of 7 ) and dropping it down to a 24kbps mp3 for compatibility

thanks for all the updates/fixes . .  i think this option will be the most
versatile . i can transc0de both my live and rebroadcast streams .

as for the on-demand archives , they are in ogg , and i refuse to keep mp3
archives as well .. but i think its fair to expect repeat listeners to
setup winamp for their own go0d . ( so long as there is something to
listen to by all ie., wmp or realone , they won't just leave frustrated
the first time ! )

> I think it's full and standard, not the other one (minimal?).  and it needs
> to be 2.8 or higher (not 3.x, Vorbis streaming is busted in that).

3.x DOES work , but not very well .. and i think different people will
have varied experiences with it . 2.91 is the new most current version of
2. it is go0d and works well with ogg . . and yes , the lite or minimal
version does NOT have ogg support .

> The CVS version of ices 0.2.x in the xiph repository works with CVS
> libshout and icecast2.  You can get CVS snapshots from
> http://www.xiph.org/~brendan/
> Ices 0.2.3 will take both .ogg and .MP3 files as input and produce MP3
> output.

i think i'm going to hold off on this option ( streamTranscoder appears to
be working very well ) .
however, out of curiousity . is there a performance different between
reencoding via streamTranscoder vs. ices 0.2.x ?

thanks again for the flo0d of support !..

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