[icecast] mp3 support and compatibility

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Wed May 21 06:01:41 PDT 2003

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Remco B. Brink wrote:

> <quote who="Adon Irani">
> > i've been hearing of more and more people in my community who are
> > having troubles connecting to our netw0rk . in most cases , wind0ws
> > media player or realone is stealing the associations ;
> What associations?

Probably .M3U

> Only the full version of Winamp has Ogg/Vorbis support, if I recall
> correctly.

I think it's full and standard, not the other one (minimal?).  and it needs
to be 2.8 or higher (not 3.x, Vorbis streaming is busted in that).

> I've noticed some problems with an Ogg/Vorbis stream that had no
> specific .ogg extension crashing Winamp. Could be the Winamp version
> used, could be bug at any other place in the chain.

Winamp doesn't respect the MIME type sent with the stream and thinks that
it's an MP3 stream unless it has a .ogg extention.

> > i would use streamTranscoder-0.2 , but it won't transcode my ogg
> > streams ( same problem as mentioned on its homepage forum - connects
> > for about 2o seconds , appears on status.xsl , dies but transcoder
> > continues to run ).
> Same problem here, don't know of a fix yet.

treamTranscoder 0.2.0 which, last I checked, was the most recent release
(December 2002) expects to see application/x-ogg in the MIME header from an
icecast2 server, rather than application/ogg.  Edit line 167 of
transcurl.cpp, then also edit line 848 of liboddcast.cpp for completeness,
then recompile. Works fine.

> > otherwise , is ices-0.2.3cvs an option ?? does it require an older
> > version of libshout than ices2 ? i have libshout.so.3.0.0 installed ,
> > but ./configure does not detect it ..
> You can't use Ices v0.2.3 with an Icecast2 server, I think.

The CVS version of ices 0.2.x in the xiph repository works with CVS
libshout and icecast2.  You can get CVS snapshots from

Note to developers and webpersons.  I really think that the current status
of ices 0.x is causing as much confusion as icecast 1.x did before it was
publically (i.e. on the site) deprecated.  So I suggest that the ices 0.2.3
release be put with icecast 1.x, and a new release (0.2.4? 0.3?) be made
and put where people would look for ices 0.x, or, if it's not up to release
status, instructions for obtaining it be put with the retrieval
instructions for icecast2/ices2/libshout2.  This would hopefully stop the
"I can't get ices 0.2.3 to work with icecast2" messages.  the presence of
ices 0.2.3 and icecast 1.3.12 news items on the front page is also a
possible sorce of confusion.

> > for the on-demand archives, can ices-0.2.3cvs use .ogg in its playlist
> > ? or would i have to keep .mp3 archives as well ??

Ices 0.2.3 will take both .ogg and .MP3 files as input and produce MP3


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