[icecast] Darkice and splitting left and right into separate streams?

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Sun May 11 05:42:08 PDT 2003

Hello all.

 Anyone have any idea what it would take to separate left and right into
separate mountpoints on an icecast server? We are using Darkice on
FreeBSD. Works GREAT (still stuck running old version because the new one
bombed on compilation, but NO COMPLAINTS!)

 I'm assuming this would fall in Darkice's hands because from what I
gather it reads the pcm audio device and just passes the data to liblame.
So if it read the PCM data in stereo and then split left and right and
called two instances of liblame... ????

 Is it a possibility? It would make my life SO much easier. We are trying
to put 12 sound cards each into two systems to support 24 audio streams...
it would cut the number down to 6, or maybe even one box if there is
enough CPU power. We aren't streaming in stereo, all the sources are mono.

                                 -- Ethan

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