[icecast] icecast - libshout and ices

Martin Hudec corwin at corwin.sk
Tue May 6 23:24:44 PDT 2003


can anyone help me please?

I have installed libxml2, libogg, libvorbis, and then i have cvsed and 
installed libshout (autogen.sh && make && make install).

Then I cvsed ices and tried to run autogen.sh. It just quit with:

checking for shout-config... /usr/local/bin/shout-config
checking libshout settings
Using libshout config in /usr/local/bin/shout-config
checking libshout... no, checking why
checking for shout_version in -lshout... yes
configure: Unable to run the test program. check config.log
configure: error: must have libshout installed!

But I do have:

What is going on? :(

Martin Hudec
:@: corwin at corwin.sk
:w: http://www.corwin.sk
:m: +421.907.303.393

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