[icecast] Master vs Relay

Krištof Petr Kristof.P at fce.vutbr.cz
Tue May 6 01:32:26 PDT 2003

Luke Stodola wrote:

>Since you want to allow users to connect to any of the three servers, I
>don't think you need to deal with "relay-password".  Leave your working
>server alone, and on the new servers put
>      <relay>
>       <server>serverA </server>
>       <port>8000</port>
>       <mount>/foo.ogg</mount>
>       <local-mount>/foo.ogg</local-mount>
>      </relay>

Hello Luke,

thank you for help. Its working. Another servers will be hosted by 
different ISP
and peering lines are not fast, so I decided to test 'chain' solution.

>I see no reason to have a different local mount; may as well make it easy
>for your users.  Also, I would think that both serverB and serverC should
>connect directly to serverA.  That way, less delay and more redundancy in
>case serverB goes down.

But mountpoints must be configured by hand and are static. Is there a 
way to relay all streams?
Number of streams and their names can change from time to time. How to 
do it?

What is the target usage of <master-server> section?


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