[icecast] ices and stdin module?

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Mon May 5 00:56:56 PDT 2003

Joe Sunday <sunday at csh.rit.edu> said:

> I'm trying to wedge an input filter in front of ices (latest nightly
> from 5/5), and if I'm using the 'stdinpcm' input module, ices segfaults
> on me after a few seconds.
> I'm running on FreeBSD-4.8.
> Here's the relevant section of my config file:
>         <input>
>             <module>stdinpcm</module>
>             <param name='rate'>8000</param>
>             <param name='channels'>1</param>
>         </input>

I've not seen this, but it's a crash in libvorbis, not ices, which is a little
strange. Can you try rebuilding libvorbis with debugging symbols? Preferably
also use cvs libvorbis (there have been many bugs fixed - this doesn't
particularly look like any that I remember, but it's better to be safe...).


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