[icecast] Server buffer question

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Sun May 4 15:52:55 PDT 2003

On Monday 05 May 2003 00:24, Stephane Thiell wrote:
> Hello,
> First at all, thanks for the great program, I'm enjoying so much. :)
> I'm adding ogg stream support to my client for Mac OS X. While it
> works perfectly with shoutcast and mp3 icecast1, I have buffer
> problems with icecast2/ogg/vorbis.
> My client, like iTunes (Apple's client - mp3), doesn't pre-bufferize
> on the first try. If the connection is fast enough, even a 128KB
> buffer is filled quickly while playing. My users (and me) prefer this
> way so there is almost no delay to listen to a stream with a fast
> connection. Apparently, with Icecast2, the server doesn't send the
> data faster than the music itself, so my client's buffer never fill
> fully, and it's more sensible to network's perturbations.
> Maybe the right way is to _always_ pre-bufferize and start the music
> once done (I do only that when the music cuts one), but I think it's
> more a feature so why not?
> I'm using ices and a local static playlist to feed icecast2. Same
> problems at 16kB or 112kB.
> Please tell me it's gonna be fixed (as it works well with icecast1)
> or a way to know if the server supports non pre-bufferization on the
> client. Thanks!

Eventually, icecast2 will have the capability of sending an initial chunk of 
data to clients faster than normal. This will, of course, be off by default, 
since it's not a desirable feature for many, many cases.

Right now, you don't have this choice.


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