[icecast] Server buffer question

Stephane Thiell mbuna at whamb.com
Sun May 4 07:24:58 PDT 2003


First at all, thanks for the great program, I'm enjoying so much. :)

I'm adding ogg stream support to my client for Mac OS X. While it 
works perfectly with shoutcast and mp3 icecast1, I have buffer 
problems with icecast2/ogg/vorbis.

My client, like iTunes (Apple's client - mp3), doesn't pre-bufferize 
on the first try. If the connection is fast enough, even a 128KB 
buffer is filled quickly while playing. My users (and me) prefer this 
way so there is almost no delay to listen to a stream with a fast 
connection. Apparently, with Icecast2, the server doesn't send the 
data faster than the music itself, so my client's buffer never fill 
fully, and it's more sensible to network's perturbations.

Maybe the right way is to _always_ pre-bufferize and start the music 
once done (I do only that when the music cuts one), but I think it's 
more a feature so why not?

I'm using ices and a local static playlist to feed icecast2. Same 
problems at 16kB or 112kB.

Please tell me it's gonna be fixed (as it works well with icecast1) 
or a way to know if the server supports non pre-bufferization on the 
client. Thanks!


Stephane Thiell
Student, Master
University of Bordeaux I, France

P.S. I'm not subscribed to the mailing-list
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