[icecast] [Bug 313] server side stream dump feature request

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Sun Mar 30 07:14:37 PST 2003

I'll continue the discussion here, since it may be a more appropriate
place then in the bugzilla. Regarding the above bug, found at

the last remark is:

> Allowing connecting clients to specify a dump file will not be
> implemented in the forseeable future, unless a patch is contributed
> (it's a large amount of work to do so).
> Since the config file can now be dynamically reloaded, new dump
> locations can be specified without restarting the server.

<p>Can you tell me more about this reloading feature? how does it affect 
the dump file? it closes the old file, and opens a new one if another 
file name is specified in the newly read config file? how do the clients 
experience this re-read of the config file? do they get dropped? what 
about the source client? how do I re-read the config file?

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