[icecast] Winamp3 (was solved: building icecast2 on OpenBSD)

Devin Campbell devin at moonglade.com
Sat Mar 29 05:50:07 PST 2003

While I agree Winamp 3 has some serious problems, I just wanted
to throw out a couple observations that I made about it recently.

Running Icecast2/IceS from CVS about two months ago streamed perfectly to
the public release of Winamp3 (build #488).  I ran it for several weeks
with absolutely no problems.

Updated Icecast2 and IceS from CVS a week or so ago and it didn't work
at all (constant prebuffering).

Found this thread on the Winamp3 forums:

which suggests a newer build (#495) which has fixed the problem for me:

Only issue is that you HAVE to uninstall the previous version of Winamp3
before installing this build or it behaves really poorly.

So, at least there is a fix available for this specific problem and they are
making progress in the right direction.


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<p><p>don't use Winamp 3. it doesn't work with ogg. try Winamp 2.8 instead or
even better Foobar2000.


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