[icecast] solved: building icecast2 on OpenBSD

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Mar 26 17:05:55 PST 2003

jeff at unsealed.net said:

> Icecast2 compiles on OpenBSD 3.2 with the steps outlined by Moritz (thanks for 
> that). I'm running into problems streaming ogg files from the fileserve 
> directory, although serving mp3 files from the same directory happens without a 
> hitch...again, both work fine on a Debian system. I'll try building the ogg and 
> vorbis libraries from source to see if that fixes anything (they are currently 
> from packages).
> from the logfiles:
> (access.log)
> - - [26/Mar/2003:16:30:57 -0800] "GET /test.ogg HTTP/1.0" 200 
> 2815404 "-" "Nullsoft Winamp3 version 3.0c build 488" 1 
> - - [26/Mar/2003:16:33:23 -0800] "GET /test.mp3 HTTP/1.0" 200 
> 860205 "-" "Nullsoft Winamp3 version 3.0c build 488" 33
> (error.log - same for both files)
> [2003-03-26  16:31:15] DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Client connected

These logs suggests that everything is working perfectly. I suspect your
client is broken (winamp3 is widely considered to be a steaming heap of...
well, something - and for good reason, it's vastly buggier than 2.x)


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