[icecast] solved: building icecast2 on OpenBSD

gtgbr at gmx.net gtgbr at gmx.net
Wed Mar 26 05:39:48 PST 2003


<p>the following steps are necessary to successfully compile Icecast2 (as
of today) on OpenBSD. This workaround is based on Karl Heyes' findings
that _XOPEN_SOURCE is the root of all evil, at least on OBSD:

1. "autoconf version problems"

OpenBSD 3.2: change all "autoconf" in autogen.sh to "autoconf-new"
OpenBSD 3.3: $ export AUTOCONF_VERSION=2.52

2. configure.in

         comment out the whole thing by putting "dnl " in front of it.
         (I'm currently trying to figure out which is The Right Way
         to do it, both seem to work.)
line 54: replace -lpthread with -pthread

3. run `autogen.sh --help` to create the configure script without
   having it do its checks

4. configure:

Open the configure script in an editor, search for "--no-verify" and
delete that parameter from the line starting with "$libtool_flags"

5. run configure with the necessary parameters to find libogg,
   libvorbis and libcurl:

$ ./configure --with-ogg-prefix=/usr/local \
              --with-vorbis-prefix=/usr/local \

6. `gmake`

7. `sudo gmake install`

8. See if icecast2 works correctly :) I couldn't test that, yet. There
used to be a problem on OpenBSD where Icecast2 triggered something that
looks like a compiler bug. a % b would result in ridiculously high
numbers, breaking things. In case this still happens, investigating it
might be a good idea ('cause who knows what other platform triggers it,
too). Good luck.

--- >8 ----
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