[icecast] Unable to get shoutcast sources to work

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Mon Mar 24 06:04:55 PST 2003


I have some people who want to be able to broadcast using a shoutcast DSP
plugin with MP3, to an icecast2 server.  But we can't get it to work.
Since I can't be bothered booting one of our boxes into windows to try the
shoutcast DSP itself, I decided to use darkice in shoutcast mode.  I know
this works with shoutcast servers.

anyway, it connects, but only briefly, and then is dropped.  The access
log shows: - - [24/Mar/2003:13:45:37 +0000] "SOURCE / ICY/666" 200 19
"-" "-" 1

The error log shows a bit more:

[2003-03-24  13:45:36] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source
logging in
at mountpoint "/"
[2003-03-24  13:45:36] EROR connection/connection_create_source No
header, falling back to backwards compatibility mode for icecast 1.x
relays. Assuming content is mp3.
[2003-03-24  13:45:36] DBUG source/source_main Source creation complete
[2003-03-24  13:45:37] DBUG source/source_main Disconnecting source due to
socket read error: Success
[2003-03-24  13:45:37] INFO source/source_main Removing source following
[2003-03-24  13:45:37] DBUG source/source_main Source exiting

Unfortunately, darkice doesn't help much.  It merely says:

DarkIce: LameLibEncoder.cpp:75: lame lib opening underlying sink error [0]

which is the error that comes up when it can't connect to the server.

Yes, I opened up the port 1 up from the regular port.

any ideas?


Geoff Shang <gshang at uq.net.au>
ICQ number 43634701

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