[icecast] Directory listing disappeared

Remco B. Brink remco at rc6.org
Fri Mar 21 07:56:47 PST 2003

<quote who="Geoff Shang">

> On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Remco B. Brink wrote:
> > <quote who="Geoff Shang">
> >
> > > Is there some XML magic I need to use now to get directory info
> > > published?
> >
> > Can you send over your existing configuration?
> Yeah.  Ignore the comments, this began  as the sample config file and
> the comments weren't removed or changed.

Ofcourse to get published in any directory, you need to *specify* that
in the icecast.xml file ;-)

        <yp-url><a href="http://www.oddsock.org/cgi-bin/yp-cgi</yp-url">http://www.oddsock.org/cgi-bin/yp-cgi</yp-url</a>>

Feel free to take a peek at my Icecast configuration, which you can find
at the following URL:


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