[icecast] oddcast plugin behaviors

Karel Alvarez karelium at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 21 00:52:02 PST 2003

hi oddsock,

Your oddcast plugin is very good, currently is able to connect to
icecast, icecast2 and shotcast servers; that's way is very usefull. 
Well, I know you know all that... :-)

But I have some problems with it:

<p>1-The plugin always try to attach to winamp, so when winamp is
minimized or moved, oddcast's window does it too. At this point, all

What about if the plugin owner is not winamp?
When I use oddcast from other programs (in my case, delphi) it works
fine, but it still try to attach to a winamp...ooh, why? why?  Now, if
I minimize winamp, the plugin dissapear too! and, if I drag it's window
near to winamp's, oddcast freezes for a while; I guess it is trying to
attach to the another process window (winamp) but failing in many many
times as the mouse is dragging the plugin window.

Would be good that we could specify the attach window (may be through
.INI, may be sending a window message to oddcast's window) or, at
least; if the process who opened the dll is not winamp, disable all
those behaviors.

<p>2- If the server is icecast2; Ogg/vorbis data works fine. MP3 data is
sent ok but clients (winamp or media player) can't connect to it. For
this case, the error.log says:

....src\connection.c Client connected
....src\connection.c Source found for client
....src\source.c Client added
....src\source.c Client had unrecoverable error with new data, probably
due to client disconnection
....src\source.c Client removed

I'm confussed. Icecast2 does not stream mp3 ??

moreover, If the server is Shoutcast; ogg/vorbis is not supported (I
know that). MP3 data works ok!!

<p>3- I saw in somewhere of oddsock forum a post asking about a
"disconnect" button. I carry forward with it because, if the oddcast
can't log into the server (e.g 'cause a bad password), it tries to
reconnect over and over and we can not tell it that stops in order to
change the config. If we press "connect" while oddcast is waiting for
the reconnection time, it tries to reconnect again so never is stopped
What can you do for me?
Most critical is the first...moreover, i can live with the 3th


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