[icecast] sending non 44.1Khz-stereo files to oddcast

Karel Alvarez karelium at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 19 21:34:04 PST 2003

Have you tried to send mp3 files with other formats than 44khz stereo?

I'm not talking about the encoding quality for send the data to
icecast, else about the quality of mp3 files.

If you do that, the listeners will hear the music faster and higher,
like the little chipmunks in donald duck's, and it will be broken by
no-sound intervals. It happens if the files are mono too.

This is because the encoders are supossing that the PCM data (the
sounds after they are decoded by input plugins like IN_MP3.DLL in
winamp) are at 44.1 Khz stereo. If this data is at a lower freq or if
is not stereo....it ocurrs.  Pay attention: Here doesn't matter at
which frequency, if stereo or mono and bitrate you are encoding to, the
main is the source PCM coming from the input plugin!

I have a solution:  a DSP plugin that re-encodes the PCM data to
44.1khz stereo if necesary.  Then use the dsp stacker (found in
www.winamp.com) and stack as first dsp, this "reecoder" and as the
second, the oddcast plugin.....that's all!

but the life is not so easy...I have a problem: I don't know where is
such dsp plugin. Please, if you find it (or if you make it) just tell
me.....I'm looking for something like this some time ago and I don't
have time to code it.

best regards...and good coding ;-)

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