[icecast] Thanks for the help.. and a request for more 8)

Shawn M Ferris shawnmferris at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 19 06:08:15 PST 2003

Well.. Now 2 drives are having trouble.. It's obviously hardware related
now. - Lame

Oh well.. Again, thanks for all of the help.. Maybe I'll actually get to
enjoy a streaming server one day 8)

SMF 8)

On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 21:01, Shawn M Ferris wrote:
> A couple weeks ago, I sent an email requesting help to get icecast2 to
> stream mp3.. I had an incorrect version of ices, and the wrong protocol
> set. DOH! 8)
> Anyway.. I wanted to say thanks for the help.. and to once again solicit
> more.. (Theres always more ;)
> Well.. the last round, I set the protocol between ices/icecast correctly
> and everything was running beautiful! (That was at 2, or 3 in the
> morning) Well, that same morning, some hours later, I woke up and my 
> hard drive crashed. I'd spent 3-4 days rebuilding the machine to get it
> to that point. *SIGH*
> So.. I spent the next 3-4 days getting it to that point again, with a
> new hard drive. Everything went well.. Up to the point where I ran ice
> for a couple hours again.. Guess what.. It appeared that the hard drive
> crashed again. The new one, different controller, etc.
> After running a week w/o icecast running and without another crash, I'm
> guessing that icecast is triggering the problem.. I've got a sneaking
> hunch that it's a combination of two or more of: icecast, ext3 and
> firewire. (The hard drive is firewire temporarily while I restructure
> disks)
> I'm gonna restructure things to eliminate one thing at a time.. but
> thought I'd throw out the situation to see if anyone has had a similar
> experience.
> (BTW.. This machine is an unpatched 2.4.20 Linux kernel.. Redhat 8.0)
> Anyone?
> Thanks again for all the help! and for the product! 8)


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