[icecast] Need help with crontab

Nicolas Bazin bazin.nicolas at club-internet.fr
Wed Mar 19 05:43:31 PST 2003

NB> Hello, I'm trying to put a crontab on Ices, but it seems I can't do
NB> it, here is the script I tried to use :

NB> #!/bin/sh
NB> process=`ps axuw | grep ices | grep -v grep`
NB> if [ -z "$process"]
NB> then
NB> cd /home/Darkmeteor/bin
NB> nohup /home/Darkmeteor/bin/ices /home/Darkmeteor/bin/ices-playlist.xml > /dev/null 2> start &
NB> echo "loaded!"
NB> else
NB> echo "already running!"
NB> fi

NB> if I run this file from the shell, it works, but if it's run by
NB> crontab, ices isn't loaded. Anyone can help me please ?

No one here uses crontab to keep their icecast/ices servers up ? If so
do you have any other solution ?

Best regards,
 Nicolas                            mailto:bazin.nicolas at club-internet.fr

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