[icecast] strange way of forwarding to another stream.

Todd Poston tposton1 at swbell.net
Mon Mar 17 15:38:26 PST 2003

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>> This seems like a very useful thing to be included in a spec.  And it

>> doesn't seem unreasonable to include it in a client, except that
>> is no official spec that stream client developers use to develop 
>> against (or is there??).  Afterall, Things like HTML Redirect's are 
>> handled by the client.
>Clients are meant to respond to HTTP (certainly NOT HTML) redirects,
>icecast uses HTTP, but most media players don't, so icecast doesn't use

<homer>D'oh!</homer>.. Can't believe I made such a (now-glaring)
mis-type.. Yes indeed I did mean HTTP redirects and NOT HTML (silly
me!).  I haven't done a lot of testing to see what is and isn't
supported along these lines with the different clients out there, but
FWIW I thought that Winamp (2.x) did support it (but this is going far
back in my memory cells now clouded with too much beer).

When you say that "most media players don't [use this]" I assume you are
refering to the support of HTTP redirects?  And so when you "move"
another client to a new stream, you just grab the bytes from a different
source-stream in icecast and send them down the existing pipe to the
client - rather then sending a redirect causing the client to negotiate
a new request?

Just wanted to be specific for clarification purposes :)


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