[icecast] dare to compare -- live streams: ogg/WMA

HJ inzanekaoz at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 15 09:19:18 PST 2003

--- boink <boink at tetter.xs4all.nl> wrote:
> The ogg stream is running at around 30 kbps/11 kHz in stereo. The
> stream (provided by yacast.fr) is running at 16 kbps/22 kHz in
> mono. 

Is stereo vs. mono, and 22khz vs. 11khz even a fair comparison?

22khz vs. 11khz: 22khz, by definition, gives the 22khz stream much
more frequency range and *opportunity* to sound clearer.  Yes, there
are more audible artifacts in the .wma than in the Vorbis stream,
but IMHO the sampling rate should match anyway.

Stereo vs. mono is less of an issue, I think, but it can still wreak
havoc when trying to do an honest comparison.

  * WMA stream:  sounds 'clearer', but more artifacts, 1 channel,
  * Vorbis stream:  sounds 'cleaner' but not 'clearer', less
artifacts, 2 channels, 30kbps

One might assume strange things based on bitrate, difference in
channels, and overlook or cry foul that the sampling rates are


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