[icecast] ices 'script' playlist information?

Adam Scriven scriven at lore.com
Tue Mar 11 20:28:36 PST 2003

On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 11:29:26PM +0000, Karl Heyes wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 22:47, Adam Scriven wrote:
> > I know I can just keep sending the same result over and over, but that seems
> > rather ineligant.  Is there a "magic" string, or perhaps a null string that
> > will tell ices to give up right away, or do I need to just repeat the last
> > entry in the playlist over and over until ices gives up?
> I think if you don't send anything back it will cause it to terminate.
> If that doesn't work then let me know.

Yup, I just 'exit'ed the program, sending no output, and it works like a

The program is rather trivial, actually.  It's 353 lines, but that's PERL,
and I don't program K&R style (IE If... { all on one line), and there's
a lot of comments and error checking.
I may even post it, if there are people interested.  I'd like to get some
feedback on it after I know it's working properly.

It does depend on more files that aren't programmed (to setup the streams,
clean up afterwards, stuff like that), but the playlist picker itself is
working just fine, it can even insert ads at random intervals. :)

Thanks for all the help!
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