[icecast] playlist streams

Adon Irani adon at yorku.ca
Sun Mar 9 23:09:40 PST 2003

> >you don't want to do live simulcast sh0ws , correct? .. just offer 24-7
> >music ( which will change depending on the time ) . you don't want to have
> >actual radio shows w/ song intro's , etc . .
> >
> That is correct, however, there will be song intro's etc because they
> will be pre-recorded as audio files.

right . but all the content is pre-recorded and stored on the server ? in
which case , you just need to track the song names and generate a custom
m3u for it .

i'm pretty sure an m3u file can contain multiple lines (ie, songs to play

> Ideally, yes.  However, I will be writing a standalone Windows app to
> generate the m3u's on a daily basis.

the m3u doesn't have to be on the same server as the mp3/ogg files , but
your windows app would have to be able to determine what files to expect
on the server and where  .,

> I still need to know quite urgently if IceCast can provide a stream from
> a pre-built M3U playlist file or not.  Is this possible?

yes . so long as the playlist file is on the same server (or if it can be
generated by a local script )  , you can use ices (the icecast streamer )
. this will read a playlist file and stream through icecast . you can
then connect to this stream via its mountpoint .. so if you needed to
have 1ooo's of playlists , you would still need to have 1ooo's of
mountpoints .

however, if you are using the fileserve option ; you only need to generate
a playlist that links to these songs . however, this again opens up
security issues of direct access to the songs ( perhaps someone else can
speak about this .. i'm not sure how this all works )


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