[icecast] playlist streams

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Mon Mar 10 23:01:12 PST 2003

Adon Irani wrote:

>you mean you have a pool of .ogg/.mp3 files ( perhaps an open po0l with
>personal folders, etc ) . and you want to generate a playlist to a select
>few or more of these files .. so that a listener will tune in at a certain
>time, and listen to whichever types of songs you've decided for that time
Basically, yes.

>you don't want to do live simulcast sh0ws , correct? .. just offer 24-7
>music ( which will change depending on the time ) . you don't want to have
>actual radio shows w/ song intro's , etc . .
That is correct, however, there will be song intro's etc because they 
will be pre-recorded as audio files.

>this you can certainly do . instead of having icecast generate the .m3u
>file , you could do this through php .
Ideally, yes.  However, I will be writing a standalone Windows app to 
generate the m3u's on a daily basis.

>if you have all the songs registered in a database , you could have an
>already played index to track this ; and generate a rand0m song list and
>filter out those tracks already played . and have different logics for the
>different time of day .
I can't go into details but the song selection won't be random.  They 
will all be pre-selected manually by lots of DJ's and sent to the main 
server.  My app will be combining lots of 2 hour shows into different 
playlists for different streams.

>if you're not live encoding , icecast prolly still has performance
>advantages over other on-demand streamers
That's nice to know, however, I was talking about the alternative of not 
using a streamer at all.  ie. The M3U's look like a local playlist with 
each audio file specified in it.  However, this would provide easy 
downloads if anyone looked at the m3u so I don't think we will go this way.

I still need to know quite urgently if IceCast can provide a stream from 
a pre-built M3U playlist file or not.  Is this possible?

Ross Levis.

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