[icecast] m3u - mine type

alain.swicher at bluewin.ch alain.swicher at bluewin.ch
Wed Mar 5 15:10:51 PST 2003

Hi icecast,

I'm having a "bizarre" problem with the m3u extension.
I read somewhere to add ".m3u" in a link on a web page to make winamp
load and play the stream.

It works very fine, but ONLY in my LAN.
When I call, i got the "click here to
listen" which is link to the moint point + .m3u (/MyStream.ogg.m3u)
I click, winamp load and play the stream. --> Perfect!

But, i then checked from to outside, so I unplugged from the LAN, use a
modem to connect the net through my ISP, 
I got a dyndns.org account with a client that keep the IP address of my
server up to date. 
I open my page witch is http://modulo.mine.nu:8002/status.xsl
I see my page from the net, with the same "click here to listen"; when I
click, winamp load BUT don't stream.
If I play the location from winamp
(http://modulo.mine.nu:8002/MyStream.ogg) it works.(!)

Does anyone have an idea / clue? It definitely has to do with my ISP,
but how?

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