[icecast] Icecast-1

steven.mugassa at mail.intafrica.com steven.mugassa at mail.intafrica.com
Tue Mar 4 22:24:10 PST 2003

Hello ...

>From the icecast website (www.icecast.com) i found the following info
> (i copy-pasted it):


Note that icecast-1 is deprecated and unsupported, and may possibly
induce nausea in small children, hair loss in men, and estrogen
fluctuations in women.

If, for some reason, you absolutely must have ancient versions of
icecast (possibly for historic preservation), download icecast 1.3.12.
Note that this is deprecated and unsupported.


I have a project whereby it is required to multicast audio streams. I'm
so much interested with icecast-2 , but it doesn't support multicast.
The 'LiveCaster" application can multicast audio streams from icecast,
but it can only multicast mp3 audio streams. So, it can't be used with
icecast-2 as icecast-2 streams Ogg Vorbis streams.

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