[icecast] ices 'script' playlist information?

Adam Scriven scriven at lore.com
Sat Mar 1 18:47:21 PST 2003

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 01:44:59AM -0000, Michael Smith wrote:
<much snippage, sacrificed to the bandwidth gods>

> No, you're exactly right.

Wow, I've never been exactly right before! :)

> The script module is relatively primitive - it was intended mostly as a
> somewhat useful, but simple proof-of-concept. The intent was to eventually
> (optionally) have stateful in-process scripts (using perl or python, as ices
> 0.x allows) as another playlist module.

OIC, Ok.
That makes sense, then.  I guess that explains why most of the documentation
still says "basic" is the only playlist type supported.

> I never got around to writing those - maybe someone (you?) is interested in
> doing so? I think the ices 0.x code for that should be adaptable to ices2
> without too much difficulty.

I would love too, but I'm not good enough with C, and I've got far too many
hobbies/things-on-my-plate as it is.

I have some ideas for how to get around the simple system (using state-files,
as I mentioned before).  Basically, I'm interested (as I'm sure thousands of
other people are) in writing an internet-radio type of thing, with web
interface and whatnot.  I haven't found one of the available ones that I like,

As an aside: For some reason, I always tend to fall back on doing my own
thing, recreating the wheel basically.  Most of the software written by
others, while excellent, doesn't have the specific features/interfaces that
I want, and I've always thought it was, I dunno, rude maybe, to ask for
features on someone else's project when all I could offer in return was to
use the software, and bug test it if that was requested.
I guess I just want a slightly different wheel, so I have to design it myself.

<more snippage.  must appease the bandwidth gods afterall>

> The communication between ices and icecast is essentially (apart from some
> optional connection negotiation stuff at the start) one-way only.

Yeah, that's what I had thought.
Thanks for the confirmations and info, Mike!
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