[icecast] legalities of streaming

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Thu Jun 12 07:41:50 UTC 2003

On 11 Jun 2003 at 21:44, Chris G (Moguta) wrote:

> If you're going under compulsory licensing:
> 1) Listener requests cannot be honored, otherwise you will end up
> labeled an "interactive service" along with Audiogalaxy Rhapsody & the
> like.  Which means more & more expensive royalties.

Well, here in Germany I talked to the GEMA some time ago. And they 
said that "wishlists" (you play the songs most people like) is non-
interactive. Only if everybody can decide on his own what he wants to 
hear next its interactive. That's their point of view. So I see the 
situation here is quite good :-)

> 3) You may not make available a complete list of the artists, songs,
> or albums your stream plays.

Yes, you are not allowed to list them in advance, that's right. So 
that everybody can see when it will be played next, tune in at XXX o' 
clock and record your program for that one song. That's the point.

> 4) You may not make a list available of upcoming songs referenced by
> order or by time they will be played.

Yes, but you could make up a "hitlist" that you can publish and make 
a "charts-show" on your radio. That's the only way to do it :-)
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