[icecast] Dummy soundcard driver for Windows (OT)

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Tue Jun 10 03:16:20 UTC 2003

At 11:29 AM 6/10/2003 +1200, you wrote:
>I see your confusion.  The crossfade plugin is an output plugin, not a
>DSP plugin.
>Speaking of DSP stackers, I've tried 3 of them now but the Oddcast DSP
>doesn't work when going thru a stacker via the SQRSoft plugin.  It just
>sits there at 0kb/s sent.  I wanted to use an audio compressor/limiter
>DSP as well but it looks like we'll have to do without this luxury.
ok, I think I'll step in at this point and throw up (in) my $0.03.....The 
SQRSoft plugin is a great crossfader (yes it really is), however their 
"dsp" support is pretty darn weak.  I've had lots of complaints with my 
plugin not working with SQRSoft, and they were all a result of SQRSoft just 
doing something stupid...support was added via a series of hacks that I 
hated to add, but did since SQRSoft apparently won't fix their stuff...that 
being said, coupling their buggy DSP implementation with a DSP stacker is, 
well, just asking for trouble.  I'd suggest looking at foobar2000..their 
DSP handling is proper (not without some issues) but at least DSP chaining 
is built in..so adding limiters/compressors/etc to the chain is very 
simple.  Oddcastv2 is supported under foobar2000 as well (how convienient! :))

also, your previous comment about running 16-24 encoding instances on a 
single box (dual CPU) is a bit extreme....the trouble is the 
encoding....anytime that you encode or transcode, CPU is going to be a 
major issue.  LAME has some neat ways to mediate this via "quality" 
settings, but that has the unfortunate effect of crapifying the sound....


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